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International mobile roaming calls provider


Telna Mobile (Sign Up)
Telna gives cheap international roaming rates for your cell/mobile phone. It's a wonderful service for business travelers and others who using mobile phones overseas. There is a $49 annual fee, so it's a best match for frequent travelers and high volume users. Telna is a quality provider that I am pleased to recommend here.

Telna North America

Telna (Sign Up)

If you are based in the USA, get super cheap international rates using your cell phone with Telna's dial-around service. When I say cheap, I mean like calling India for just 3.8ยข/min.

International mobile roaming at cheap rates

Take your mobile/cell phone with you when you travel abroad and get cheaper roaming rates than ever before

Do you rent a cell phone when you travel? Use phone cards, or buy a SIM card for each country? Finally, you can use your own US based mobile/cell phone with very reasonable roaming rates. Place calls as you travel through multiple countries, and receive all your calls via one US number -- and save money at the same time.

Using your own cell/mobile phone abroad

Normally using a mobile phone outside the USA and Canada is very expensive. Most providers charge extremely high rates. They hope customers will use the service as is. Now there is a new option for international travelers. You can use your regular phone AND get relatively cheap international roaming rates.

Old ways :

  • Using a rental cell/mobile phone
    Problem: They're expensive, you have to pick them up and turn them in, and your phone number changes every time.
  • Getting a different SIM card for each country you visit
    Problem: You pay lower rates, but you have multiple phone numbers and SIM cards to juggle. And you can only have one SIM card in your phone at a time, so meanwhile the others aren't working.
  • Using phone cards
    Problem: Phone cards are inconvenient and often expensive. They are a poor option if you rely on phone services as you travel.

A better way:

Sign up with a cheap international roaming provider like Telna Mobile and use your own mobile phone for travel and business abroad. This requires an unlocked cell phone (so you can switch SIM cards), which you can buy cheaply on Ebay if needed. They will send you a global roaming SIM card with a unique US phone number to insert in the phone when you travel.

  • The rates are very reasonable
  • Use your regular mobile phone (just switch the SIM card)
  • Reasonable rates for BOTH inbound and outbound calls
  • Not prepaid (only pay for the services you use)
  • Free voicemail if you receive messages online (if you check voicemail using the phone then there are standard charges while connected)
  • Some features are coming soon but not available yet, including full SMS text messaging support and and Internet connectivity

Telna has been a high quality, innovative long distance provider. When they began offering this new service, I was happy to recommend it here. When more providers offer similar services I will publish a comparison.