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Telna has the best international rates of all the discount long distance carriers here, and they treat customers very well. Billing is in 1 second increments, so you only pay for your actual talking time. This seemingly small difference can save you a lot of money. Telna also offers toll free numbers and many other exciting features. You can even get their cheap international rates for your mobile phone via an access number. Telna has a great website, so click the link below to learn more.

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Opex Communications

Opex has a low 2.5¢/min featured rate, but look before you leap. The rate for your state may vary, and there are monthly fees and higher international rates to keep in mind, too. Opex has been one of the top discount carriers for years, so you shouldn't have to worry about the service and quality.

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Total Call International

TCI may be the best of both worlds: cheap rates within the USA and very low international rates. It doesn't have the history of it's rivals to back it up, but if you simply go by the numbers, this might be the one to pick.

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Discount long distance carriers comparison chart

Here are three of the top discount long distance carriers. Telna and Opex have proven themselves over many years. TCI (Total Call International) is the newcomer. You should expect quality services from all of them. The chart below compares US and international rates, fees, and features. Be sure to check a carrier's website before making a final decision.

Service Plans, Rates and Fees


Interstate Rate

  * Telna has a higher featured rate but no monthly fee and no minimum usage requirement. Despite appearances, unless you are a high volume caller, TCI and Telna are better deals.

** Opex rates start from 2.5¢/min, but depending on where you live the rate may be higher.
Check the website to confirm your rate.

These are state-to-state rates. The rate for long distance WITHIN a state may be higher or lower. Check the provider to find your in-state rate.

Billing Units

1 sec
60 sec
6 sec
  Small billing units (increments) are better, because the length of a call is rounded to the nearest unit.

Min Call

1 sec
60 sec
18 sec


Other Fees Telna - 99¢ but only if you request a billing statement in the mail. Opex - The $2 fee is waived if you have at least $20 in charges during the month, and there is an additional fee of 79¢ ($1.99 for businesses) to get a billing statement by mail. TCI - There is a 99¢ fee if you receive a billing statement in the mail.

USF and

The Universal Service Fund (USF) is charged by every long distance carrier. The money goes to subsidize the cost of phone services for low income customers. The PICC charge is a tax for business lines only.
Sample International Rates* **


Brazil 4.8¢
Canada 4.8¢
China 4.8¢
India 4.8¢
Israel 4.8¢
Italy 4.8¢
Japan 4.8¢
Mexico 4.8¢
Nigeria 13¢
Philipp 16¢
Russia 7.9¢
Korea 4.8¢
Spain 4.8¢
Taiwan 4.8¢
Thail 4.8¢
UK 4.8¢
Brazil 16¢
Canada 10¢
China 11¢
India 13¢
Israel 4.7¢
Italy 12¢
Japan 14¢
Mexico 3¢
Nigeria 34¢
Philipp 39¢
Russia 22¢
Korea 12¢
Spain 52¢
Taiwan 11¢
Thail 12¢
UK 11¢
Brazil 6.9¢
Canada 3.9¢
China 3.9¢
India 12¢
Israel 5.9¢
Italy 3.9¢
Japan 6.9¢
Mexico 4.9¢
Nigeria 19¢
Philipp 18.9¢
Russia 4.9¢
Korea 4.9¢
Spain 4.9¢
Taiwan 4.9¢
Thail 5.9¢
UK 4.9¢
  * The rates above may be out-of-date by the time you read this. Also, the rate cited above may be the rate for a major city. See the provider's website to confirm rates for specific cities.

** The rates above may only apply if you are calling a land-line. Many countries have higher rates when calling cell phones. See the provider's website to confirm rates.
Toll Free Numbers (Optional Service)
Monthly Charge
Toll Free
Same as long distance rates
Same as long distance rates
Same as long distance rates
Canada Toll Free Rate
Alaska Toll Free Rate
Hawaii Toll Free Rate
Toll Free Forwarding
  Adding a toll free number for personal or business reasons is both simple and cheap. You pay the monthly fee, if any, plus the rates for incoming calls. Telna lets you forward your toll free number in to any phone number worldwide by calling customer support.
Billing and Account Management Options
View and
Pay Online


Auto billing to credit card
Auto billing to credit card
Check or
credit card
Toll Free
Sign up
Long distance carriers must follow a 3-step process to switch your service over: 1) Sign up, 2) Verification, 3) Switching
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Important: Rates, terms, and other details specified above are subject to change and cannot be guaranteed. Check the provider's website before signing up to verify information.