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Toll Free Numbers


Kall8 lets you create and manage toll free numbers online in real time. Kall8 has very low rates, high quality services, and many extra features for both personal and business needs. Kall8 comes with built in voicemail (delivered to you by email) and many other features. There is a $2 setup fee, and a $2 monthly fee.

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United World Telecom

UWT is a quality toll free number service for business and personal needs. You can easily create and manage both USA-based and international toll free numbers. The international rates are cheaper in some cases, but there is no voice mail feature. Setup is free for USA-based numbers with a $2.95 monthly fee.

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Telna is a long distance carrier, not just a toll free number service. Sign up with Telna and get a toll free number that can forward incoming calls to any phone in the USA and worldwide. Telna has the cheapest rates within the USA (4.8¢/min) and international, and it's a great long distance carrier. You get a toll free number with no setup fee, and the monthly fee is just 99¢.

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Personal, business toll free numbers

Get a 800, 888 or 866 toll free number for your home, mobile phone, or business. It's surprisingly simple and cheap.

Do you run a small business out of your home? Have a home office?

Do you have family members or others who need an easy way to reach you at home or on your mobile phone?

Get a toll free phone number and make it easy to reach you anywere.

Getting a toll free number is both cheap and simple

Most people can think of business reasons to have a toll free number, but how about getting a toll free number for personal reasons?

Toll free number providers, like the ones listed to the right, can give you an 800, 888 or 866 toll free number that forwards incoming calls to any phone number you choose. Route a toll free number to your home, office, or mobile phone and take calls at your desk, in your study, or at your "corner office" in Starbucks.

These services are very cheap and simple to use.

Some needs toll free numbers help meet

Toll free phone numbers help meet several key needs for someone running a business or home office. Consider these possibilities:

Communicating a professional image

Having a toll free number for your business or home office communicates you are serious about your business. It gives customer and clients confidence that they will be able to reach you if there is a problem.

Answering personal and business phone calls anywhere

These toll free number services can forward incoming calls to any number, so you can send incoming calls to a cell phone when you are traveling or just away from the office.

Making your website more effective

Giving website visitors a phone contact number will help you win the trust of prospective customers and clients.

Not missing important phone calls

If you don't pick up, a service like Kall8 can route the caller directly to voicemail and deliver the message to you by email.

Choosing a toll free number provider

I work with two great toll free providers. They both assign toll free numbers that you can manage online and forward to any phone or mobile phone in a the USA or worldwide. Both providers are very good choices to work with depending on what you need.

I also recommend a long distance carrier (Telna). Most long distance carriers can give you a toll free number, but Telna is not ordinary. Besides offering wonderul (and cheap) long distance services, Telna offers cheap toll free numbers and lets you forward incoming calls to any phone number or mobile phone that you want.

Kall8 (Click Here)

Kall8 is a wonderful toll free number service. It's easy to use and includes a list of powerful features for your business, home office, or personal needs. Kall8 forwards incoming calls within the USA for 6.9¢/min, and you can have the calls forwarded to international locations at reasonably cheap rates. You pay a $2 setup fee and a $2 monthly fee for 866, 877 and 888 toll free numbers. Kall8 toll free numbers can be managed online in real time, and you can schedule the numbers to be routed to different destinations based on the time of day. The service also includes voicemail and fax reception. The messages and fax images are delivered as email attachments, or you can view them on a secure website. Kall8 can also host conference calls with up to 25 participants with no extra charge (just the rate for each person who participates). If you need a custom toll free number or one that is very easy to remember, Kall8 gives you several options to choose the number you want. I'm just touching on all that Kall8 has to offer. For more information visit the website and learn more.

  • $2 setup fee
  • $2 monthly fee
  • 6.9¢/min within the USA (48 states)
  • Manage your toll free number online
  • Low international rates (a bit higher than UWT)
  • Scheduled routing (see example above)
  • Built in voicemail and fax reception
  • Caller ID
  • Call Blocking
  • Call notification emails with call details
  • Conference calling feature (up to 25 people)
  • Number assigned when you sign up
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United World Telecom (Click Here)

UWT doesn't have all the extras that Kall8 provides, and the rate to forward calls within the USA is 8¢/min. But UWT has cheap international rates if you will be forwarding calls overseas. UWT has free setup for 866 toll free numbers and a $2.95 monthly fee. You can manage your toll free number in real time online, but there are no other built in extra features. If you anticipate a high incoming call volume, UWT can dedicate multiple lines to a single toll free number. UWT also provides international toll free numbers. For example, you can create a toll free number in France that forwards calls to the USA.

  • $1 setup fee
  • $2.95 monthly fee
  • 8¢/min within the USA (48 states)
  • Manage your toll free number online
  • Cheap international rates
  • Multiple lines capability
  • Number assigned in 2-3 business days
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Telna (click Here)

Telna is a long distance carrier with nice toll free number features and a 4.8¢/min rate to forward calls within the USA. The international rates are also very cheap. Telna is a long distance carrier, not just a toll free number provider. You must choose Telna as your long distance carrier in order to use their toll free number feature. You can't manage a toll free number online, but you can have your calls forwarded to a new location by calling customer service. Telna is a great carrier to work with (see my comparison), with no monthly fee and super low rates for basic service. You can add a toll free number with no setup charge and a low 99¢ monthly fee.

  • No setup fee
  • 99¢ monthly fee
  • 4.7¢/min with USA (all 50 states!)
  • Cheapest international rates
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Special note : For business travelers, Telna Mobile gives you very reasonable international roaming rates using your own cell phone. Learn more.