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Personal, home phone services

Stop worrying about long distance phone bills, pick up the phone, and call someone

Quick recommendations

I can comfortably recommend the services to the right. Scroll down to quickly compare them. If you're looking for business phone services see here.


Discount long distance carriers

Long distance carriers like Pioneer and Telna give you high quality services and great customer support with no monthly fees and extremely cheap rates.

You might get cheaper rates by calling through the Internet, but you can beat traditional carriers for reliability and service.

What could be better than picking up the phone and dialing anytime without worries?

For more details see my long distance comparison.

VOIP phone services

If you have a high speed Internet connection and make a high volume of long distance calls, then a VOIP service may be your best choice.

VOIP services offer free calls within the USA and the cheapest international phone rates, and they are very easy to use. (They don't have to be hooked up to your computer to use them.) On the downside, they are not perfectly reliable, and they have monthly fees.

For more details, see my VOIP comparison.

Phone cards

Phone cards and virtual calling cards are convenient when travelling and some have super cheap rates, but they are being replaced by other cheap services. I have recommended two dependable, cheap phone card providers in the list on the right.

Personal toll free numbers

Get your own personal toll free number and use it in a variety of ways to improve your communication. The services that I recommend let you manage your toll free number(s) online in real time and forward the incoming calls to any phone or cell phone in the USA or world.

United World Telecom and Kall8 are dedicated toll free number providers that work well for both personal and business needs. Sign up and get a toll free number (800, 888, or 866) with no additional obligation. Or sign up with Telna (a recommended discount long distance carrier) and get a toll free number with call forwarding included.